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For the cabinet industry

Enhance your showroom by keeping your sample
doors in order and eliminating clutter.

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DisplayDex's cabinet door display system will change everything about your showroom.

Wall mounted DoorDex, a sample display system, arranges cabinetry doors beautifully, allowing for easy access and reference while enhancing your showroom setup.

Our story

Years of experience in the cabinetry industry sparked the idea for DislplayDex, a simple solution to keeping showrooms organized. Our products are all about your presentation; our items facilitate smooth salesmanship and welcoming retail areas.

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Aligned with sturdy hinges on sleek aluminum angle rails.

Our sample door solution is perfect for kitchen and cabinetry showrooms.


Displays become easy to find and flip through, our products have quickly become indispensable to showrooms.


•Easy installation- have it on your wall in minutes.
•All required hardware for mounting included.
•Uses only 45" of space.

Small steps, extraordinary difference.